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Caribbean Stud Advanced Tips

Getting ahead in Caribbean stud is not easy. Even though any individual hand or sequence of hands can result in a nice payout, over the long haul, the casino has the edge, as they do in all online casino games besides poker and backgammon where you play against other people and not the house. Here are a few advanced tips you can keep in mind to keep the house edge down.

Avoid the Progressive Wager
One of the things about Caribbean stud that appeals to many players is the progressive wager. This wager only costs $1 and can provide big payoffs, including $100 for a full house, $500 for four of a kind and a huge jackpot for being dealt a royal flush. The problem is that these bets provide a very large house edge. Even though it is “only a dollar” to play, you should avoid these bets and the 25 percent or more house edge that comes with them if you are playing to win.

Rare Exceptions

The only exception is if the progressive jackpot for a straight flush or royal flush has become so high from Caribbean stud players paying into it without it being hit that the size of it seriously exceeds the odds of winning it. However, for this to be the case, the progressive jackpot will usually have to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Play Correct Strategy
Correct strategy can keep the house edge down to around five and a quarter percent. The main idea of Caribbean stud strategy is to raise with any pair and fold with anything less than ace king high. The main strategic question comes with which ace king hands you should play. You can acquire strategy articles at and learn how to handle these situations or simply pick a cut off hand, such as ace king jack x x, as the minimum raising hand.

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