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Bet On Baseball


Wagering On Baseball in America.

Major League Baseball generates a huge portion of the betting handle at Online Sportsbooks. The wide variety of wagering options available on baseball can be overwhelming at first, but this article will simplify the process. With a basic understanding of the Baseball wagering landscape, bettors can apply the knowledge to any of the roughly 2,400 MLB games played each season. All legal and regulated online sportsbooks offer wagers on Major League Baseball. As the summer is a relatively slow period for the sports world, baseball is an important offering for the industry between the months of April & October.

Unlike football or basketball, the majority of wagers placed on MLB games do not involve a point spread. Instead, bettors typically wager on the moneyline, looking to predict the winner of the game straight-up. The betting favorite will always have a “-” in front of their moneyline odds, -150 for example. This means that a bettor would have to wager $150 to realize a $100 profit on the winning favorite. Underdogs typically have a “+” in front of their moneyline odds, +130 for instance. This means if the bettor places a $100 wager on a winning underdog, they will realize a $130 profit. Small-time bettors, fear not – you needn’t risk $100 or more per game. As a rule of thumb, simply drop the zeroes at the end of those figures above if you’re a $10 player to calculate payouts. Underdogs tend to perform well in MLB moneyline wagering. Betting exclusively on favorites may seem attractive on paper, but it’s often a losing strategy and a common mistake made by novice bettors. It is also important to know which players will be playing when betting on baseball moneylines. It is common for starting pitchers to change, and understanding platooning can also give you an advantage.

 The less-popular cousin of the moneyline bet in baseball is the runline wager. Runlines are baseball’s version of a point spread. Because baseball observes far lower scoring compared to other sports, the runline is typically a mere1.5-run handicap . For example, if the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees matched up with the Red Sox carrying a -130 moneyline, they would have a runline in the neighborhood of -1.5 runs at +190 odds. In more lopsided matches, the runline can be as high as 2.5. Sometimes bad teams can be great bets because they keep games close. When betting on baseball, several key factors must be taken into account. The betting favorite will be assigned a -1.5 run handicap, but oddsmakers will offer an appropriate amount of “juice” to make laying the 1.5 runs with the favorite more appealing. In our hypothetical favorite -150 and underdog +130 scenario, the -150 favorite may be assigned runline odds that look like this: -1.5 (+160). This means if the favorite wins by two runs or more, those who bet the favorite on the runline will earn $160 for every $100 they risked. Runline underdogs will be assigned a line that looks something like this: +1.5 (-140). This means that if the underdog wins outright or merely loses by one run, bettors will earn $100 for every $140 they risked.

Consider ALL of the following:

When sizing up the odds at your favorite online sportsbook, pitching is the most important variable.
The recent form of the starters: Head-to-head results a pitcher has had vs. their opponent Home/Away splits.

Hitting is another key area for baseball betting . You might want to analyze Offensive splits against Righties/Lefties. Past head-to-head performances the lineup had vs a pitcher.

Recent production: Baseball is very matchup based, so considering how specific hitters in the lineup have performed against both starters and relievers is important, as is their performance in recent days and how they do against right-handers and left-handers.

 Home vs. Away Statistics:  As is true in all sports, teams generally have better home records than on the road (although there are exceptions). Not all home-field advantages are equal so weighing how important it is to a particular team goes a long way toward assessing a bet. Playing trends is often a good idea. What is a team's record during their last ten games? How many runs have they been averaging over the last two weeks? Is there a key difference between their Home/Away results?

 Totals wagers in baseball work just like totals wagers in other sports. Oddsmakers will assign an Over/Under figure to every game, leaving bettors to determine whether the game in question will be a home run derby or a pitcher’s duel. Totals of 8.5 runs are typical of MLB games, though totals as low as seven runs and as high as 10 runs will pop up throughout the season. Venue plays a huge part in determining what the Over/Under will be for each game, as well as starting pitching matchups. Overs and Unders can carry a “vig” as high as -120 and as low as even-money, but are usually listed at -110 on both sides.

There's no better way to make America’s national pastime i.e. "The Boys Of Summer" game  more enjoyable than by betting on it.      

G.M. Stowik


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