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A Guide to Succeed At Sports Betting

Author: J. Stephens

In over 20 years of gambling on horse racing and sports I can honestly say for around 15 of those years I lost money regularly. I guess looking back you could say it was a learning curve but it was without doubt a painful one. I tried all things believe me, paying money to the "best" sports expert services, prediction software, reading books varying from spread betting to handicapping and more.. I would see an add for "horse racing system" and just could not resist ,then watch my money top up my bookies pension fund. you see the fact is this YOU CAN'T WIN MONEY AT BETTING unless you have these 3 Things.

1: You need an Edge.

Information is crucial, as a sports punter you can never have enough information, whether your betting on horse racing, football or hockey you need knowledge, from the up-to-the-minute injuries to weather conditions and of course the teams latest form and confidence. It may not seem important but I can tell from years of experience it's crucial! Thankfully most of the hard work is done for you these days with a multitude of resources at your disposal with the internet and press.

2: You Need a Method.

Having had my bank wiped out on more than one occasion I talk from experience when I say most of the betting methods out there are fake. Sadly I had to waste thousands of pounds trying several systems to realize this. Football methods, horse racing systems, NBA methods, you name it I tested them all. Nevertheless if you can find a progressive system that is proved to have worked over a number of years, your job is half way done. You can find methods I have been using for over 3 years on my site, as well as Free horse racing methods and also my own systems which is a combination of all the best systems I have found over the years.

3: Do Not get Emotional

A popular saying found in poker schools is "Scared money never wins" but in my experience it applies to all levels and aspects of gambling. When staking money on sports events confidence is the key right? losing runs and winning runs all come down to confidence, when your feeling great and 'on a roll' betting seems like the easiest game in the world yet when a losing run comes along it feels like you may not pick another winner again. The fascinating thing is that both losing runs and winning runs DON'T EXSIST! It's simply a state of mind and has no connection whatsoever on the event your betting on although it may not seem like from a subjective point of view

The point is this, if your serious about making money from gambling you have to learn not to get emotional about it because I I can tell you from experience emotions annihilate bank balances quicker than anything else.
I have found that it is very simple when you are sitting there, in front of your PC, and your about to make a fortune you let your emotions get in the way. When this happens you make an emotional judgment rather than a calm one and nine times out of ten you lose

So how do you take the emotion out of betting? Well over the years I have formed a few tricks so that I know when I am getting emotional and have a break and am now winning more often than I lose
Unfortunately it has cost me a lot of money along the way.
Also now, when I buy a new 'system', I do not just jump straight in and bet the mortgage on it.
I still look at new methods on a regular basis but now my manner is much more 'businesslike' than it was before and I quite simply know when to take the hit and walk away. It may well be a case of taking three steps forward and two steps back that it means that I'm still one step ahead!

A few of my simple, but powerful suggestions are:
Do not bet when you are tired
If the bet is big, go and make a cuppa and focus prior to placing it
Go and do something else for five minutes and just clear your head of that tunnel vision
Ask yourself - can you afford to lose?

There is no such thing as a method that wins 100% of the time. How you react in the times when you are not winning is the vital. Take emotion out of the equation and believe me, you will continue winning by learning when to accept a loss.


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