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Point Spreads vs. Money Lines

All sports teams are not created equal. If all sports bets came down to Team A vs. Team B, it would be difficult to get action. In many cases, Team A is obviously superior to Team B, so everyone would want to bet on Team A and there would be no one to give them any action. This is the reason betting lines� exist in sports betting. The line is a way to even things out between two teams so that there will be action on both sides.
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There are two main types of lines, point spreads and money lines.

Point Spreads
A point spread is simply giving points to the team that is the underdog. If the Giants are a four-point favorite over the Packers, you will win if the Giants win by more than four, e.g. Giants 21, Packers 13, but lose if the Giants win by less than four, or if they lose, e.g. Giants 20 Packers 17 or Packers 17 Giants 14. If the Giants won by exactly four, it would be a push and no one would win.To avoid this many lines include a half point -- for example, the Giants might be a 4.5-point favorite, meaning if they won by four or less, a Packers bet would win.

Money Lines

In a money line, the team you pick has to win outright, but you must pay more to win less with the favorite. For example, a typical money line for the Giants/Packers game might be $120/+$90. What this would mean is that to take the favorite, in this case, the Giants, you would have to bet $120, but only win $90. If you bet the Packers, they would have to win the game, but you would win $120 while only risking $90. Of course, you can bet in any denomination you want, but the bet will always get paid off at this ratio.

Are Point Spreads Better than Money Lines or Vice Versa?
One type of line is not necessarily better than the other. However, a game like football, where the score tends to be more reflective of the relative ability of the teams, is more conducive to point spreads. In a game like basketball, where a superior team with a big lead might give up 12 meaningless points during garbage time late in the game, or baseball, where a team which is far superior due to pitching might only win by a few runs, money lines tend to be more appropriate.

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