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Many people believe that a lot of  casino games are solely surrounded by luck, however this not necessarily the case, with game strategies taking center stage for those who are successful at online casino games. Although the biggest gaming strategy is practice, practice, practice, each game has its own individual strategies to help players get the upper hand. Here we have created
 a complete list of online casino strategy game by game, so you can begin to practice and accumulate your own winning strategy.
Different gaming software on each online casino offers different strategies, so it's important to look out for which software you are using, be it Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt or IGT Interactive. Live blackjack games are more like the games that you will play in real life casinos as you can watch the cards being shuffled and dealt before your eyes. However, other blackjack
casino games online are shuffled before a new game is put into play.

All blackjack games will pay to their listed house edges but there are various errors you can make with how you play a hand. Many online casinos have a blackjack strategy card feature, which list every hand you can be dealt whilst showing you how to play a hand perfectly against the dealer. Basic strategy is the optimal way to play blackjack and you can get a table that acts as a
robust playing guide for this strategy. If you are new to blackjack then it is recommended
 to use this table as a reference when playing a hand as it will tell you when it is best to
 hit, stand, double down or split.
Playing roulette online means you are going to play more games than in a land based casino.
With roulette there has never been a sure-fire winning strategy. The first strategy is to select the best games to play due to there being so many different variants of roulette. Depending on
 the locations you choose, you can choose between low risk, low reward or high risk, high
reward types of playing session. Choosing red or black is the easiest way  to play roulette,
and keeping total stakes on any one spin at around 5-10% of your bankroll means you will be
able to play lots of spins. If you prefer to select Straight Up numbers then you should also keep stake levels modest. Not many people  think about creating their own strategy for slots, but it's
 not as uncommon as you might think.  All slot games are different and unique and the best way
 to boost your chance of winning is by playing slots that boast the highest payout percentages. Playtech, IGT Interactive, Microgaming  and NetEnt all have respectable slot games with
high payout percentages. Some casinos try to amend or alter their return to player percentages
 of the slots; however the four gaming providers previously mentioned do not allow
the casinos that use their software to do this.

Money management is the most important strategy when playing casino games online , no matter what other kind of strategies you use. It is important to know just how much you should be wagering on each game based on your available bankroll. Each game will have different money management strategies, for example slot games generally give a bonus game which can allow
you to win large amounts of money, every 150 spins or so, so it is important to divide your slots game budget by at least 150 to try and trigger one of these bonus games. It is important to have a maximum amount of money that you are willing to lose, and it is even more important to not
go over that budget.
With blackjack it is important to be quite strict as you can quickly win and lose money. A sensible money management strategy when it comes to blackjack is to have a winning goal of 50% of your starting balance while having a stop loss goal of 50% of your starting balance. For example, if you begin with $500, and manage to get your bankroll up to $750, then lock in the profit and walk away. Alternatively if you begin with $500 and this reduces to $250 then walk away
 take a break & try again later;-).

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